Elderberry for Stomach Flu - How It Works

As soon as the temperature drops a couple of degrees, there is a higher risk of cold or flu-like symptoms. Many people start experiencing stomach flu, which is also famous as viral gastroenteritis.

The symptoms might include diarrhea, but also vomiting and nausea, headache and muscle ache, as well as pain and stomach cramps. Fever is another of the symptoms that might common if you are dealing with the stomach flu.

Although it is not the same as influenza, you can also benefit from herbal remedies when dealing with these conditions. Elderberry is often on the list of ingredients that can help to deal with symptoms that remind of the flu. In this article, we will discuss just how effective elderberry can be. We will cover the symptoms related to the stomach flu, and also learn more about this powerful plant.

Elderberry – Basic Overview

Elderberry has become a popular fruit grown around the world. However, it originates from Europe, which is where you will often find black elderberry. The scientific name for this plant is Sambucus nigra, although other varieties of the tree also exist. [1]

The elderberry tree grows up to 30 feet, which is pretty high. However, the fruits found on these trees are small berries. They have a distinctive deep purple color, which can sometimes be completely black.

You can consume these berries raw, but many people refer to choosing supplements with an elderberry extract. It is worth mentioning that bark, leaves, and flowers or tree are also popular in folk medicine.

The secret of the elderberry’s working process lies in antioxidants. These are primarily anthocyanins since elderberry contains a rich quantity of these compounds. They are important because they play a protective role. It means they don’t only help in dealing with inflammation but can also prevent it from happening in the first place.

Since stomach flu can be caused by various infections, strengthening your immunity with elderberry can be important for preventing it. The experts do not have an exact recommended dose of elderberry to consume daily. However, you should aim for a plant extract that contains at least 100-200 milligrams of this compound.

Can Elderberry Help in Dealing with the Stomach Flu?

Although it is famous as folk medicine, you will often find elderberry as an ingredient in dietary supplements and herbal remedies. We analyzed the studies that focus on the symptoms of the flu, with a particular emphasis on conditions that might affect the stomach. Here is what the studies say.

Experience Pain Relief with Elderberry

If you are dealing with the stomach flu, the odds are that pain is present. You might experience cramps and other problems, which is where anthocyanins come into play. These components are the focus of elderberry’s working process. Since they have antioxidant properties, they can help to reduce inflammation. They do this by preventing the nitric oxide production. [2]

The immune cells in the human body produce nitric oxide that causes inflammation response when you are dealing with a health condition. By interacting with these cells and preventing NO production, elderberry can help to reduce the pain you might experience from the stomach flu.

Deal with Constipation

While stomach flu might cause diarrhea, it can also lead to constipation. Elderberry is mentioned as a potential herbal remedy in dealing with constipation. [x] You might have heard about someone drinking herbal tea containing elderberry when dealing with constipation. The researchers suggest that anthraquinone is the component that has laxative properties.

An important thing to mention is that this is a safe method of promoting bowel clearance and optimal movement. Multiple studies found that elderberry is safe to use, whether it is when combined with other ingredients or on its own.

Can You Fight Inflammation and Flu with Elderberry?

Numerous studies regarding the connection between flu and elderberry were conducted over the years. In 2016, air travelers were the focus of research. [3] The authors from Australia focused on 312 people who traveled abroad and experienced flu-like symptoms like a sore throat. According to their estimation, it took fewer days to deal with the symptoms. It is believed that the elderberry played an essential role in shortening the recovery process.

Another study occurred in 2007 in Panama when an outbreak of influenza occurred. [4] The focus of the research was on participants from a kibbutz community. According to the results, patients who received elderberry had a significantly improved condition or were completely cured in less than six days.

Finally, 60 patients were a part of a study conducted in 2000 in Norway. [5] It was the influenza season in that country, and the authors focused on adult patients that didn’t have more than 54 years old at the time. The approach was the standard one – some participants received elderberry, and others got placebo treatment. The results revealed that it took about four days less to deal with the flu, which is a significant improvement compared to the placebo group.

Once again, it is worth mentioning that the elderberry is safe to use. The studies didn’t notice any adverse side effects, which is why this herbal remedy is getting more popular every day.

Why Should You Combine Elderberry with Other Ingredients?

Elderberry extract is a safe and powerful herbal component. It can play an important part in boosting immunity and fighting flu-like symptoms. However, it is even more efficient when combined with other herbal ingredients.

That is why EssntlWellness designed the unique formula delivered via Elderberry Gummies. They contain a generous dose of elderberry (200 milligrams per serving), but also other ingredients. The additional compounds include propolis extract, echinacea, and vitamin C. It is an optimal mixture that can boost your immune system and help it in the long run.

The gummies are easy to consume on the go, which makes them perfect for a high-paced life most people are leading these days. You will appreciate their sweet flavor, which makes them far more attractive than capsules and similar dietary supplements.


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